Hey there!

I'm Enkhmaa.

I am an interaction designer based in Toronto, ON. 

About ME

I was born and raised in Mongolia. I have a lengthy background in the legal field as I was a licensed paralegal.  A few years back, I made a decision to re-route my career path. 

I find design field to be multidimensional, fluid in its forms of communication; I think that core theme of design field lays in its celebration of differences, individuality and uniqueness. 

I would say that my favorite part of the design process is ideation because this stage challenges our perspectives and understanding of the problem. But through ideation, we practice our creativity and try out new venues to find the best way to communicate the values and the purpose of the design. 

My Values

Creativity  Creativity is fluid and is something that constantly gets better by consistent practice. To me, creativity represents continues growth and learning because one can never run out of creativity, they can only refine it.  

Passion  Passion is the solution for us to live a rewarding life - passion for what we do. Life is too short to be doing something that does not feed and nurture our soul. Through passion, we can create and build a society that includes, helps, and betters others' life. 

Empathy & KindnessA design that is human-center is made to solve users' needs and pain points. Ultimately, designers need to be empathic to others' situations and problems to identify a solution that would be most efficiently solve the issue.  A successful design is tested on its accessibility and functionality for its users. We must understand the uniqueness and differences of everyone. We are all on this earth together going through life, let's be kind and understanding of one another. 

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