Allura was a project that was inspired by my favorite corner café that I used to visit. The clientele at the café ranged from retirees to young students. It was a community café that welcomed everyone and one of those little spots where everyone says greets each other with a smile. It was located at a historic building and the atmosphere inside had many different stories. With this project, I wanted to combine classic style with modern excitement.

Brand Overview

Allura Café is a coffeehouse that incorporates the modern structure and the experience of classic Parisian style. 

Mission Statement
Allura envisions a space where people can come together to connect and share an experience of life and culture with an aim to spread a sense of peace and comfort.

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Vision Statement
Allura envisions a space where people can come together to connect and share an experience of life and culture with an aim to spread a sense of peace and comfort.

Value statement
Allura’s values include community, soulfulness, kindness, culture, and individuality. ​

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Project Overview

Allura Café needs to stay modern while maintaining its classic/vintage aesthetics. 

Create a mobile application and brand packaging that is user-friendly but still represents elegance, soulfulness, and individuality.

competitive analysis

  • Strong brand identity;
  • Maintains quality and customer experience;
  • Loyal customer;
  • Large menu items, and;
  • Globally Corp.
  • High Price point;
  • Some times are complicated to order, and;
  • UI is not intuitive for some customers.
Tim Hortons
  • Sense of local and national brand;
  • Offers both delivery and pick up service;
  • Affordable price point, and;
  • Globally Corp.
  • Lack of customizable options on some orders;
  • The loading time of the app is laggy ,and;
  • UI is outdated.


Allura’s target market is demographics between the ages of 25 to 35 years of age.

Defining User Need
Personality, Uniqueness, and Quality
These are all things that creates the bond between the business and its users. As users, we want to support the local business that are ethical and true to its values. Adding unique business culture to it gives a sense of excitement to its users. The goal of this app is to give the users an app that combines the future of technology with the unique touch of retro vintage culture.

To learn more about the user, I created interview questioners and a survey drafts to define the specific user habits, wants and needs and to focus on the pain points that users have.

After conducting user survey, I identified that users want : EASE OF USE, CONVENIENCE and ALIGNMENT OF VALUES.


logos & font family

bRAND Mockups



Lorry Davidson

Age: 30
Profession: Author/Writer

ImageCredit to: Caique Silve
  • Works from home remotely;
  • Does not have a fixed work schedule, and;
  • Goes to coffee shops to work or for a mid-day break.
  • Wants a place that has beverages and snacks;
  • Wants a place that's comfortable that she can concentrate at, and;
  • Wants a place where she can meet people from her community.
  • Needs cozy place to work for a prolonged period of time;
  • Needs food and snack while she is working, and;
  • Needs a place where she can meet people from her community to engage and connect with.

Ava Ruth

Age: 27
Sales Associate

Image Credit: Michael Dam
  • Commutes to work from 7:30 am to 9:00 am Monday to Friday;
  • Attends back to back client consultations;
  • Goes for a walk during lunch to a coffee shop, and;
  • On Sundays goes to a café to meet with her friends.
  • Wants to find easy-to-order coffee apps
  • Wants to have a quick pick-up option, and;
  • Wants a new coffee shop that has personality
  • Wants café shot that is part of the community.
  • Orders  during rush hour takes too long to get her coffee;
  • Too many menu options on the app to order, and;
  • Does not want to try just any coffee shops.

Joseph Pearson

Age: 35
Profession: Software Developer

Image Credit to: Evan Wise
  • Lives alone with his dogs;
  • Works hybrid of remote and from the office, and;
  • Works long hours during the day.
  • Wants a place that has selection of snacks and coffee;
  • Wants a place where he can bring his dogs with him;
  • Wants a quality coffee and a peaceful atmosphere, and;
  • Wants a coffee shop where he can easily order his favorite drinks for pick up with a few buttons.
  • Needs a cozy place to work for long hours;
  • Needs a place that allows him to bring his dogs with him;
  • Does not want to compromise quality, and;
  • Needs to order his favorite drinks during his commute online.

uSER Journey

Sara Lewis

Age: 30
Profession: School Bus Driver

Credit to: Lucas Sankey

Sara works the morning shifts at 7 am.   In the morning,  Sara likes to pre-order her coffee and a drink for her co-worker on the app and goes for a pleasant walk over to the coffee shop before she heads over for her shift.   On her way home after her work, she likes to pick up another drink for her walk home.


  • Easy  to use navigation system;
  • Easy  to understand menu  selection process;
  • Contactless payment method, and;
  • Friendly staff, reliability, and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Onboarding phase is lengthy;
  • Large menu selection for new users, and;
  • Large list of ingredients.

Internal Ownership:

  • Option to get access from Gmail or Apple account with Autofill;
  • Display the most popular items first on the menu page, and;
  • Only display spotlight ingredients first.

UI Design

High Fidelity Wireframes

Allura Demo Video

To see the figma prototype, click here.

Allura Walk-through video / music credit: I Heard He Loves Me by Agua Azul Quartet

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