​Zura was a passion project that represents my love of music. The project was initially inspired by one of my foster kitten that I had. He was full of curiosity, energy and spirit, but still so comforting and loving. So, I wanted to convey, curiosity, energy but ease, and comfort with this design.

Brand Overview

Zura is a music/audio streaming mobile application to create an immersive artistic experience.

Mission Statement
"Live Life Loud"
Zura mission is give everyone a platform that builds community,promotes creativity and to be an app that can be a musical companion.

Vision StatementZura envisions a cultural  platform where everyone can connect with one another and share an immersive creative and a rustic experience with no restraints of quality disruption.

Value Statement Zura’s core value includes: compassion, Innovation, creativity and curiosity - “Live Life Loud”.  


Project Overview

Zura need strong brand identity and individuality to stand apart amount its Competitors

Create an mobile application that is user-centered, accessible and  incorporates Zura’s values and promotes creativity.  

competitive analysis

Apple Music
  • Paid Subscribers can download music;
  • Large music selection
  • Easy sync with ITunes
  • Easy access between Apple products.
  • Messy and inconsistent UI with Apple Brand;
  • Inconsistency between Android and Apple version, and;
  • No Free/Ad-Supported Tier.
  • Number #1 music streaming application;
  • Long-term free subscription;
  • Clear, easy and consistent UI design;
  • Accessible on multiple platforms on Both Apple and Android, and;
  • High Quality streaming.
  • No lyrics Features;
  • Price can add up;
  • Prolonged adds for free account, and;
  • Feature limitations for free account.

Zura’s target market is demographics between the ages of 17 to 30 years of age.

Defining User Need
Convenience, Rich Content, and Up to date personalized suggestions.
Users want easily access to their playlist with, as well as up to date information with their artists and more personalized suggestions.

To learn more about the user, I conducted user observation to define the specific user habits, wants and needs and to focus on the pain points that users have.

After conducting user observation, I identified that users want : Easy to use UI, Frequent Update with ease of access to favorite artists, personalized playlists for the user.


LOGO & Font Family


bRAND Mockups



Lucy Mcray

Age: 25
Profession: Contemporary Dancer

Daily Activity:
  • Morning Exercise;
  • Commutes to dance auditions;
  • Goes to her stand studio to practice for 4 hrs., and;
  • Works part-time at a restaurant 3 days a week.
  • Playlist suggestions for different moods and settings, and;
  • Personalized playlist on favorite artists while she practices/commutes.
Pain Points:
  • Playlist on  mood and vibe of the day;
  • Update on new music from her favorite artists, and;
  • Good music quality.

Jennifer Smith

Age: 20
Profession: Student

Daily Activity:
  • Taking online classes in UBC for sociology;
  • Studies for 3 to 4 hrs a day after classes;
  • Works part-time at a cafe, and;
  • Commutes to and from work for 1hr and 30mins daily.
  • Category for personalized favorite artists, and;
  • Recategorize most played music by time period.
Pain Points:
  • Easily accessed playlists;
  • Update on new music similar to her favorites, and;
  • Low cost streaming service.

Jerome Martin

Age: 29
Profession: Visual Artist

Daily Activity:
  • Morning routine/exercise;
  • Works from remotely from home;
  • Goes out for entertainment/walk after work, and;
  • Does some personal work in the evening.
  • Playlist suggestions for favorite artists’ albums, and;
  • Collaborative filter for most/favorite music and artists to create initiative playlist for while he is working.
Pain Points:
  • Personalized suggestions to boost creativity;
  • Easy access to favorite artists albums while working, and;
  • Do not want to waste time looking for background music to play while working.

User Journey

Demi Lou

Age: 18
Profession: Student

Demi is a high school senior student. She lives with her parents in the suburbs. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, she has been attending school online and on and off in person.  Due to the lockdown, she has been doing all of her school work from home. She is currently studying to attend university of Toronto for next year. She loves to listen to her favorite tunes while she studies.  She loves discovering new artists and stay up to date with new releases.


  • New music release update;
  • Easy to use and aesthetically fun UI design;
  • Option to make new playlists for different moods and activities. and;
  • Personalized playlists for user, and;
  • New singles update on favorite artists.
  • Requires all users to make an account to browse the playlist;
  • Not enough playlist options displayed, and;
  • Improve on more personalized services.
  • Option to get access from Gmail or Apple account with Autofill;
  • Display the most popular playlist first;
  • Add continue listening playlist on browser, and;
  • Add suggestion playlist on the browser.

UI Design

High Fidelity Wireframes

Zura Demo Video

To see the figma prototype, click here.

Walk-through video of Zura app / music: Syn Cole - Feel Good

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